Housing Is Back – And So Is Home Depot

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In a business with over 2,000 stores and 340,000 associates, it is our ability to define very clearly what as an organization we want to do and then have everybody aligned to that. Each year we try to identify the things that are really going to make a difference for us and focus on those few. And what’s at the top of the list right now? At the top of the list right now is what we call interconnected retail, having as seamless an experience as possible for you as a consumer, whether you’re interacting online or in the store.
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Central banks on guard against new housing hot spots

From Singapore to Sweden, from New Zealand to Switzerland, precautionary policy activism is gathering momentum. Britain is debating whether a new housing bubble is inflating and what should be done about it, while Norway might become the latest country to require banks to hold more capital against home loans. Given the post-mortems conducted into the origins of the crisis, policymakers are likely property management jobs in maryland to keep rolling out such ‘macroprudential measures’, according to Richard Fox, a senior director at Fitch Ratings in London. “In those countries where you’ve still got a combination of rapid credit growth and strong property prices, there’s been an increasing prevalence of these sort of measures,” Fox said.
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Housing Market: 5 Years Later

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These subprime loans carried higher interest rates than normal loans because the lender was taking on more risk. According to reports, close to half of the loans issued in 2006 were subprime, and when the economy took a hit and people started losing their jobs, home prices dropped and homeowners started defaulting en masse. In the years following the bursting of the bubble, the credit markets essentially froze as banks became more risk adverse after getting burned by loose mortgage practices. Weve experienced a near full reboot of mortgage lending standards, back to those commonly seen in the 70s and considerable portions of the 80s and 90s, says Gumbinger.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2013/09/16/housing-market-5-years-later/

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