Thanks Tom & John! Church Of Scientology Worth More Than $1.2 Billion, New Tax Documents Show | Radar Online

And Scientologys Flag Ship Organization in Clearwater, Florida, is worth a staggering $209,655,686, according to 2012 tax forms. READ See Where Scientology Money Goes 2012 Flag Service Organization 990 T Return by Tony Ortega Though the numbers are stunning, these figures represent only a small fraction of the Churchs overall worth.
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Former Mars Hill Church Leaders Apologize For Being Part of ‘Structures,’ Problems That ‘Hurt Many People’

“I was also being seduced by my successes and all that came with it,” Moi, who admitted that in his despair he had turned to alcohol, turning his back on a pledge he had made at the visit site age of 14 “that I would never be like my father.” “Over these last many years I had become just like him,” Moi continued. “Over the years the alcohol consumption increased and finally resulted in 2 DUI’s within a few months a little over a year ago.” Nevertheless, Moi said that in the midst of the “mess of moral, financial, and mental depravity Jesus has chosen to use my sin to expose and free me of long held beliefs and behaviors,” including “narcissism and anti-social tendencies,” which the church leader said he had felt had been cultivated during his time at Mars Hill. Mitchell, who previously pastored at Mars Hill church plant in Everett, Wash., asked members of his former congregation to read over a list of his sins and “see if I’ve sinned against you in any of these or other ways.” Among the sins to which Mitchell confessed included passivity, control and aggression, acknowledging that for the last one, “I am deeply aware of [it], yet it’s left a field of carnage that I’m scared to actually see.” “My bold words and actions have gotten me into trouble a lot over the years, and when you combine my bold and some-times harsh words with the level of authority that God has given the position I’m in, it makes it especially hard to deal with,” Mitchell wrote. “I’ve raised my voice out of frustration.
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‘Gifted Musician’ Fired From Catholic Church |

Mike McMahon had spent 30 years working at parishes in the Diocese of Arlington, Va., before being fired as music director at St. Agnes Catholic Church last summer, after the pastor was notified about McMahon’s wedding, notes the Post.
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